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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Buck Rogers and Scarlett O'Hara


I just had the wonderful experience of seeing "Gone With The Wind" on the big screen at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences on Wilshire Blvd.

To start the night off, they showed News Clips of the Gone With the Wind premiere.
Very exciting to see a Clark Gable interview.

First, a wonderful panel discussion on Gone with the Wind and it included some of the child actors from the movie.

Then they showed the first in the Buck Rogers serial.
If you ever get a chance to see one of these, I really recommend it.
Buck Rogers' is a pilot whose plane crashes and he is frozen - until the year 2440 or thereabouts.
He then because an astronaut / pilot in the new time period.
The serials were made in the 1930s - so it is funny to see what they thought modern technology would look like.
For example, in the 1930s there was no knowledge yet of computers. So when the Scientists in 2440 have to look things up, they are still using Books.
This got major laughs from the audience.

And then the screening of the nearly 4 hour long "Gone With the Wind". Including intermission.
This is truely one of the most outstanding romantic movies ever made.
Gorgeous on the big screen.

Of course, I could go on and on about the Dysfunctional relationships in Gone with the Wind.
But I won't - its meant to be a dramatic romance and it sure is.
I'll just blame everything on Ashley - if he had married Scarlett, whom he loved - and not the other woman who was the perfect wife - well, none of this would have happened.
Ashley and Scarlett would have settled down to a crazy married life wrapped around her self-absorbed behavior, and everyone would have been happy.
Instead, everyone married people they didn't love - and its emotional torture.
Then of course there is Clark Gable as the dashing Rhett Butler - and its a major melodramatic romance.

I loved every minute of it !

Buck Rogers on
Gone with the Wind on

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Dylan Documentary

I volunteered tonight at the Egyptian Theatre for the Documentary about Bob Dylan, "Don't Look Back".

And I got to meet one of my favorite performers from the 1960's, Donovan.

It was another great night of Rock and Roll movies.

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Monterey Pop, 1968

Volunteered tonight at the Egyptian Theatre. They had a big party before the movie "Monterey Pop" from 1968.

On display, was Grace Slick's wonderful Paintings and Art work.
And attending the party were Michelle Phillips , Eric Burdon , Grace Slick.

I volunteered by helping give out tickets and wristbands - so I saw everyone who was there ! It was a very fun night !

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Talk to Me

Drove over to the Arclight Cinemas, bought our tickets.
Then walked across Sunset Blvd to Kabuki's restaurant .
As we are crossing the street, four people are walking towards us.
I recognized the tall redhead with the wild make-up, and I grab one of my friends my the arm.
My friend exclaims "That's Shirley Manson of Garbage !"

Kabuki's restaurant - I was starving, I bought the largest combo plate they had. Everything was on it.
Chicken Teriyaki, Beef ribs and Shrimp and Veggie Tempera.
Enough for three meals, I had to put the rest in my car and take it home for lunch tomorrow.

We saw "Talk To Me" starring Don Cheadle. I really liked it. I think it is one of my favorite movies of the summer. A historical story, with drama, comedy and music. Really an entertaining and educational film.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Colin Farrell Shops At My Ralphs

I love reading The Its almost an addiction, I read it everyday
on my lunch-break.
I really love the Privacy-Watch Section.
Regular every-day people, email in stories about seeing famous, and not so famous, celebrities in every-day places.
Its really a fun section to read.

So I look at todays section, and there is a story about Colin Farrell at the Hollywood Blvd Ralphs' Grocery Store .

When I am to lazy to drive to the Whole Foods on Beverly Blvd. - this is the Ralph's Grocery Store that I go to.
And I have never seen Colin Farrell there.
And believe me, I look - not necessarily for Colin Farrell - but I look at people.
Because sometimes you do spot somebody.
Especially the people when its late at night, its dark out - and they are wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses.
I really stare at them, because I figure they are probably on a TV Show I don't watch.

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday Lessons and Movies

Church this morning was at Hollywood Presbyterian Church .
And after that it was a quick trip to Whole Foods on Beverly.
I made a huge salad from their salad bar... and brought it home while I updated my Zazzle page .

Then I volunteered again tonight at Egyptian Theatre , for Crispin Glover's movie "What Is It?".
I was ticket taker, and then I got to go in and see the movie.

One of the more interesting questions I was asked tonight as ticket taker was "Do you think we will be offended by this movie?"
I guess the woman who asked me that works with Disabled people and thats why she wanted to see it. But it an experimental movie, and its not to some people's tastes.
I tried to explain that the reason some people find it interesting is that there are Disabled people who are cast in roles that are not necessarily written for Disabled people... and that is explained more in the Question and Answer that is given at the end.

If someone asks that question - Will They Be Offended - its difficult to answer.
Because first, I think if you are going to a movie and you think that the movie might be offensive itself, its best to research it more on the internet before you go. And second, if you are the type of person who is picky about what they see so you have to ask that question- well, its probably best not to see it. Go see something else instead.

As for me - do I get offended ? Yes, alot of things offend me.
But I have developed a Method.
Most scenes in movies are over with in a few minutes. And then its on to the next scene.
That is any movie you see these days - in any movie theatre. Big Hollywood Blockbusters, as well as small independent films.
So I have learned to close my eyes. Listen to the dialog. Then open my eyes again when that scene is over.
If its to bloody or gory or sexual for my taste - just close my eyes.
And when I open them again, its a whole new scene.

All in all, I liked the movie "What Is It?".
And if you knew me personally, you might be surprised by that - especially if you noticed the first paragraph in the above blog entry notes I started off the day at church this morning.
But, I think there are many underlying messages, and if you are okay with Experimental Films I think you could find this a very interesting movie - if you look for messages underneath the plot.

As for closing my eyes - there were a few scenes to sexual for my taste, and so I closed my eyes.
And I absolutely do not like needles - so any scenes with injections - well, I had to close my eyes or I'll just pass right out.

The Q&A with Crispin Glover after the movie... almost everyone who saw the movie stayed for the Q&A.
It was almost like attending a Master Class in Independent film making. I got the impression many of the people in the audience wanted to be doing what he is doing - making their own type of movie, with their own creative expression, and independently distributing it themselves.
There was alot of learning and teaching going on.

I think Crispin Glover gave one of the Best Q&A sessions I have ever heard at The Egyptian.

I desperately wanted to stay and volunteer for the Book Signing that was going on in the lobby afterwards.
But the Q&A was going on forever, and it was close to midnight.
So I had to tell the theatre manager I could not stay - tomorrow is a work day.
And I had to take off.

Here's a link to the official Crispin Glover Website.

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Saturday in Hollywood

Headed over to the Mann 6 Theatres in the Hollywood and Highland , to see "Knocked Up".

What is the deal with the tourists, who can't obey the traffic laws ?
And why aren't there more traffic cops making the tourists obey the laws?
I don't really ever cuss out strangers, but I did today.
I am going north on Orange, with the green light to turn left on to Hollywood Blvd.
In the middle of my green light - three German men start to cross Orange right in front of my car.
I slam on the breaks, and yell "I have the green light you Morons!" followed by a long string of cuss words out of my mouth.
I had really truly almost hit them.
They yell back at me in German - and I can tell they are drunk.
Its not even Two o'clock in the afternoon yet.
After I drive away, they continue crossing against their Red Light.

Next I head down the steep ramp on Orange into the Hollywood and Highland Complex.
Its really sunny and bright out - and as you go down the ramp, the parking structure is a dark shadow.
For a few seconds you are blinded because you are in bright light - looking down into a dark shadow.
My car makes it into the dark shadow - and then I see Tourist walking Up the steep ramp !
Right straight into my car !
They are walking up the side that the cars go down.
Again, I slam on my breaks, and more cussing out of my mouth.
They just look at me.

As I get my ticket from the machine - I yell over to the guys in the booths cashing people out of the parking structure "You have people walking UP THE RAMP!"
They just ignore me, like I am some crazy woman.
I drive through the structure and I see an parking employee:
"You know there are people walking up the ramp. They are going to get hit. You should have someone placed at the ramp, to make sure people don't go up it."
He shrugs at me "I'm down here - I don't see whats going on up there."
I reply "Well, can you at least tell your Supervisor that someone complained about people walking up the ramp?"
"Oh, yeah, uh-huh, I can do that", he said.

Never mind, its Summer - there are tourists all over the place.
And Hollywood doesn't seem to be doing anything to control the pedestrian traffic.
I am surprised more people don't get hit by cars.

After I get my movie ticket, I run to the concession stand.
And there is not a single employee anywhere.
Not an employee in sight.

Two other people are also standing at the concession standing looking lost and forlorn.

I finally yell across the lobby
"Is there a Concession Stand person?"
The manager finds someone - and now I am super-late for the movie.
So late for the movie, I sit in the very last seat in the very last row by the door.

I liked "Knocked Up" , it was funny.
And Katherine Heigl is great in it.
The story-line was uplifting. And even though alot of the humor is very raunchy, it had a very real pro-life lesson, about making the right decisions - and emotionally growing through making these strong decisions. And.. plus, lots of raunchy humor.

After the movie, I grab a chicken wrap sandwich from the corner restaurant,
and I head over to the Egyptian Theatre .
I am volunteering tonight, for Crispin Glover's movie "What Is It?".
I am Captain, which means I have to hang-out in the lobby all night and watch the front door.

The theatre was very full, as it was the night before. And the movie "What Is It?", is experimental and draws a very Artsy Hip crowd.
So hanging out in the lobby is fun, because I get to people watch.

After the movie, Crispin Glover had a table set-up. He is selling his books, and doing autographs.
Many of his fans came with a digital camera - and I ended up helping out by taking photographs during the evening.

It was getting way passed midnight, and I just can't stay up that late - not even on a weekend.
One of the other volunteers took over for me, as I headed home.

Here's a link to the official Crispin Glover Website.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

From One End Of Town To Another

My agent called me yesterday. I have an audition at 4:30pm this afternoon out in West Los Angeles.
That meant I had to fight traffic after leaving my job in Hollywood early, and then somehow try to make it back in time to volunteer at The Egyptian tonight.

I don't like driving the freeway. So I take Olympic straight down. The Casting Offices are on Purdue, near Pico.
Since I used to work in the area for 12 years, I kind of know my way around. But the last time I auditioned at this place, the parking was horrible.
Low and Behold - my Parking Angel was looking out for me - and some one pulled out, just as I arrived.
I got a parking spot right across the street from the Casting offices.

All I knew was that was for a commercial that would show in Turkey. We would never see it in the United States.
I looked up the name of the product on the internet, but it was a popular word in Turkish.
So I really wasn't sure what product I would be auditioning for.
Its either an alcoholic drink, or the latest Pop star's new album.

I even ask a 20-something young man who was looking at the story-board with me, if he knew what the product was.
He just smiled and walked away.
I guess he didn't want to chat.

We look at the story-board, read a description, and get a Polaroid taken.
They call us in groups of six.
Turns out my role is that of a Coffee Shop Waitress.

We were told "This is not a McDonalds commercial. Do not be bright and cheery. This is very melodramatic.
A dark setting. This of it as a David Lynch movie."

My role was to be a sad, distant Coffee Shop Waitress.
And when the product appears, I look happy and hopeful.

After the Casting Associate was done filming my group of six - someone asked him, when were "They" going to be looking at our tapes and making their decision ?
The Casting Associate answered "Oh, they will see it in about 5 minutes. They are working in Brazil right now, and I transmit the auditions over the internet to them. So someone in Brazil will be seeing your audition in a few minutes."

Well, I can actually say I have transmitted over the internet, and watched in Brazil.
Its kind of a weird feeling actually.

As I was leaving West LA, I stopped at Big Tomy's on Pico Blvd and Sawtelle for some fried zucchini.
Which I ate in the car on the drive back to Hollywood.

Everything was fine, untill I tried to go North on Highland.
Traffic was unbelievably backed up. All the way to Santa Monica Blvd.
I turn up Franklin - and I try to take Orange up to Hollywood and Highland.
But one the small residential street by the Roosevelt, Orange is backed up and not moving.
So I turn left on a Sunset and come up La Brea. Then to Franklin.
As I approach Hollywood & Highland, I see all sorts of "NO Right Turn" signs.
I take another side street, and make a left on Hollywood.
Finally, I make it to Orange, and to the Validated Parking at Hollywood and Highland.

I later learn, that Ratatouille was premiering at The El Capitan , and most of the street was of blocked off.
AND there was a big opening night concert with Jack Black, and Kristin Chenoweth and Plácido Domingo, at The Hollywood Bowl .

So that all explains the traffic nightmare.

I make it to the Egyptian by 7:15 - but I had already told them I expected to be late for my volunteer shift.

Crispin Glover's show started at 8pm.
I was volunteering as Ticket Taker. But I went in after the show started, and saw Crispin Glover's live performance of "The Big Show".
I stayed for about 10 minutes of "What Is It?" - but I was to tired from driving to West LA and back in traffic.
I will be able to see it some other time over the weekend.

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Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Value of Names

Over at The Falcon Theatre tonight to volunteer.
The play was "The Value of Names".

And it starred Jack Klugman.
Wow ! It was great to see him onstage !

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Big Foot Lodge

Big Foot Lodge on Los Feliz Blvd in Los Feliz.
I went with about 20 other people from LA People Connection .

Big Foot Lodge is becoming my favorite place to hang out. Its one of those local bars where everyone goes.
Business People, Entertainment People, Hippies and Punks, Nice people, Weird people, Young People, Old People.
Every time I go there it is a completely mixed crowd. No one type.

One of my friends recognized an Actor from a TV show that I never watch.
I meant to look him up on IMDB when I got home - but I forgot his name, and the name of the TV show.
So I guess that doesn't really count as a Celebrity Sighting.

The only bad thing tonight was that the music was really loud, and it was hard to talk to my friends.
But I ended up staying there until 1 am - which is something I never do.
I don't usually keep late nights like that.
I was one of the last of our group to leave.
It was a fun night.

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Saturday, May 19, 2007


Los Angeles County Museum of Art ..

Being the internet-geek that I am, I spent most of the day wasting time on the computer. But I really wanted to catch the "Modern West" and "Re-Site-ing The West" Exhibits at LACMA....

I manage to make it to the Museum, alittle bit after 5 pm.
I'm thinking - well, they close at 8pm, so thats plenty of time.

I am dashing up the stairs, to the ticket booth - and who do I see coming out of the museum ?
Rob Schneider
Yeah, Deuce Bigalow himself.
As a friend later said.... an Art Museum and Rob Schneider just don't seem to go together.
So I double-backed to take a second look and make sure it was him.

It was - and he was with a blond woman.
And he saw me recognizing him - and I was kind of starring at him.
And he kind of smiled at me....

But I was polite and went on my way... but I felt like running up to him jumping up and down and yelling "I'm probably the only Female in the United States who really LIKES your movies!"
But I did not become a Rabid Fan. I continued on my way back to the ticket booth.

I go up to the ticket booth, and I say to the guy "Its after 5pm - do you have a reduced rate?"
And he says "Yes we do - Its Free"

I'm very confused. I just saw a famous comedian in the courtyard, and now they tell me the Museum is Free after 5 pm on Saturdays.

He hands me my "FREE after 5pm" ticket - and I continue on my way - Of course, keeping an eye out for any famous comedians who might be at the museum that day.
I never see Rob Schneider again, so I don't get to turn into an hysterical fan.

After a burger in the cafeteria, I spend alot of time in both the "Modern West" exhibit, and the "Re-SITE-ing The West" exhibit. It was wonderful. Beautiful California landscapes, paintings and photos.

But the "Dan Flavin: A Retrospective" was just not for me. Walking into a room filled with green neon lights that burn my eyeballs out of their sockets, is just not my cup of tea.
I look at few of the fancy neon lights - I look at some of the permanent collection instead.

Whats the perfect way to end a day at an art museum?
A horror movie.
I drive to Hollywood and Highland .....
to see "28 Weeks Later" .
I never saw "28 Days"... but since "28 Weeks" was on the Top 10 List for a while - I wanted to see it.
I also like Robert Carlyle as an actor too...

Gee... The Art Museum, A Famous Comedian and A Horror Movie - all in one day.

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Geffen and The Newsroom Cafe

I went online and bought tickets from Goldstar Events .
This is a great on-line service that allows you to purchase tickets for plays and other events at a reduced price.

I got tickets for the play "Heroes" at the Geffen Theatre .
Even though my ticket was almost half priced, I ended up with fantastic seats in the 3rd row.
It was great being up that close.

The actors in the play were George Segal , Richard Benjamin , and Len Cariou .
The play is a comedy about three friends in a French military hospital in 1959.

After the play, we stopped off at the Newsroom Cafe on Robertson Blvd in Beverly Hills.
We sat at one of the tables for four.
One of the waitresses came over and asked us to move to a table for two.
There was hardly anyone else in the restaurant, most of the tables were empty.

But we decided that we would just switch tables and not make a fuss.
As we switched tables, the waitress looked at her watch.
I said "Well, I guess she is expecting a big dinner rush."
My friend said "Well, if she is our waitress, she is not getting a big tip." He was alittle mad that we had been asked to move, since the restaurant was mostly empty.

Well, she wasn't our waitress - we had a waiter and he was nice.
I ordered a shark dinner special, it was very delicious.

We kept looking around the restaurant, and there were no other people coming in.
When we finally left at close to 7pm, there were still very few people in the restaurant, and mostly empty tables.

It was very annoying to be asked to move to a small table when there was no one else in the place.

We went for a quick walk up and down Robertson Blvd, passed The Ivy .
Looking for Stars - or at least some paparazzi who were looking for stars.
It was a pretty quiet night.
We saw a few stick thin women in very expensive skimpy clothes - obviously Models.

One little skinny woman walked passed me - accompanied by a tall, humongous guy who looked like he belonged in a street gang.
My friend said "You don't think they are dating do you?"
I said "No, I think thats her body guard."
I don't know who she was, I didn't recognize her.

Then, I passed a skinny rock & roll looking guy.
I couldn't tell if his long blond hair was a wig, or a bad dye job. I think he was wearing a wig so maybe no fans would recognize him.
Since he was trying to be incognito, I looked him straight in the face, trying to figure our who he was.
He nodded and half-smiled at me, as we passed.
I think he was trying to figure out if maybe we knew eachother.
I mean, why else would I be looking directly at him...
Could it be because he was wearing a really bad wig, so obviously he is somebody famous - and I wanted to figure it out.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I volunteered tonight over at the Egyptian Theatre .

Turner Classics held a pre-screening of its new documentary, about Marlon Brando
Brando - A TCM Original Documentary

Its going to be on Turner Classics in May - and I highly recommend that you catch it.

Marlon Brando is one of the greatest actors in history. Every acting teacher I know raves about him.
Its so amazing to watch him in his early movies.

I have to tell you :
I was ushering and helping the VIPs go to their assigned seating.
I smiled at Gene Simmons as he went to his seat.
He smiled back at me.
Yes, Gene Simmons from KISS .
He looked pretty good, and I really liked his gold shoes.

Here's a Link for Pictures from the Event:

Marlon Brando DVDs

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Coyote in Quiznos

I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, but I never saw a coyote anywhere around there.
However, once driving late at night, I saw a coyote on Franklin and Normandie in Los Feliz.
Thinking it was a run-away dog that needed help, I started to pull over.
Alittle closer, I was stunned - it was definitely an coyote.
I was amazed.
It saw me watching it from the safety of the car, and looked back at me with its long snout.

I figured since Griffith Park is around here, that might have been where it was from.
But now I am learning, with all the building we are doing, moving into wild areas, those wild animals have nowhere else to go. So they have to come down looking for food and water.

Here's the links to the video of the Beautiful Coyote in the Chicago Quiznos.
If I had been there, I would have wanted to feed it a sandwich, and pet him.
Such a beautiful animal.
They named him Adrian, and it suits him perfectly.

The Coyote in the Chicago Quiznos

The funny Coyote in Quiznos Song from Conan O'Brien

The humorous Press Release from Quiznos

Here is part of the press release:

"We've certainly been looking to expand our customer base and appeal to different demographics, and it appears that we have hit a chord with the animal kingdom," said Steve Provost, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Quiznos. "This has never happened before; we can only think that Adrian must have been attracted to our new Prime Rib on Garlic Bread and it's above average portions of meat. One thing is for sure, this coyote clearly has excellent taste."

Mr. Provost continued, "We will support the safety for Adrian and any other members of the wild animal kingdom who face severe challenges and unknown urban obstacles to find their way to Quiznos restaurants. We are pleased to donate $1,000 to Chicago Animal Care and Control, where Adrian currently resides."

I am sure Adrian the Coyote enjoyed his sandwich.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Premier The Lookout

AT the Egyptian Theatre , it was the premier of "The Lookout" starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt (remember him from "3rd Rock From the Sun"), and Isla Fisher (she was the crazy one in "Wedding Crashers" ). Along with Jeff Daniels as the blind roommate.

A very suspenseful movie about a man with brain damage, who gets coerced into helping with a bank robbery. The scenes with the bank robbery had me on the edge of my seat.
The acting is excellent.

After the movie, there were wonderful appetizers, sushi, and little sandwiches in the Egyptian Courtyard.

I walked around, and saw Sasha Baron Cohen, who is engaged to Isla Fisher.
I said to one of my friends "He's not as tall as I expected."
Yes, he's tall... but he still looks taller in the movies.

Isla looked adorable, in a cute polka dot dress.

My friends and I hit the dessert table and enjoyed the delicious chocolate macaroon balls.

If you want to check out the pictures on WireImage, they are here :

red carpet pics

arrivals pics

party pics

The Lookout page.
The Lookout Offical Movie Site

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Dancing with the Stars

I haven't much been into the Reality shows. Only watched the first and second season of "American Idol", and then I lost interest.
I also liked "Who wants to Marry My Dad?" - but they haven't had a new episode in years.

But tonight I really wanted to catch Dancing with the Stars .
First, I had to see what happened to Heather Mills. All the commercials revolved around comments she was made saying she was worried her leg would fall off.
Then, it turns out that she was the best dancer out of all of them this evening.

John Ratzenberger and Leeza Gibbons were the other two I was paying close attention to. They are my personal favorites.

I guess the thing I really like about "Dancing with the Stars" - is there are all different ages.
On "American Idol", there is an age limit, you can't be older than the required age ... which I don't like.
There are plenty of lead singers in bands, who have been playing the local bar for the last 20 years. And they can really sing too. Its a shame American Idol doesn't give them a chance.

There was a TV special on in 2003. Called Second Chance: Americas Most Talented Senior" .
I was really hoping they would turn it into a series, and they didn't.
The guy who won had been a piano player/singer is some little bar in a little town in Florida for the last 30 years. He sang "Mack The Knife" . And he was very talented.

I am going to predict that the winner will be either Laila Ali or Heather Mills .
But I am seldom right about these things.

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Billy Connolly at the Brentwood

I drove over to the Westwood area, to the grounds of the Veteran's Administration.
I had signed up to be a volunteer usher at the Brentwood Theatre.
Billy Connolly was doing his one-man show.

If you need to ever drive to the Brentwood Theatre ,don't get confused. The actual address is on Wilshire Blvd and Mapquest will take you to Wilshire Blvd. But you have to actually drive into the Veteran's Administration grounds.
So...From Wilshire Blvd, go north on San Vicente - and then you make a right on a little street called Bringham. Then you will be inside the Veteran's Administration Grounds and you can make it to the theatre.

When I arrived, I was given my volunteer assignment for the evening. I was going to be in the Member's Lounge serving wine and soft drinks. The manager said that lately they had not been getting many members stopping by before the show.
And the night before they didn't have anyone stop by. She asked if I minded being in the Lounge.I said "As long as I get to see the show, I'm fine with this. I just really want to see it."
She said yes, of course, and about two minutes before eight pm, I should head into the theatre.

After she left, I was in the lounge for a good 20 minutes. The thought flashed through my mind that I had gotten all dressed up in my black pants and white shirt for nothing, because I was just sitting in a room all by myself.
Then a friendly couple came in to have a drink before the show. We had an interesting conversation all about the local theatres. We had seen many of the same plays. It also turned out that the husband worked in the music industry as well, and he knew of the music company where I work.
So my assignment in the lounge was not a waste, I spent it in nice conversation with this lovely couple.
Soon a second couple came in for a drink.
And soon after that it was two minutes before eight, and it was time to go into the theatre.

Billy Connolly's show was a complete sell-out. So the volunteers had to find places to stand in the back. There were no seats available.
And the show was two hours long, without intermission.
So yes, I stood in the back of the theatre for the full two hours.

Volunteering and Standing - not a bad price to pay when you consider that the tickets were around fifty something bucks.

I already figured that since it was a comedy show, that is was going to be raunchy and irreverent in places.
If you go to something like this, you have to know what you are getting into.
And I just don't see the point in getting all offended if the comedian says something that you don't agree with.
Its comedy. So just enjoy the moment. At least I kinda sorta think that way sometimes.

My favorite part of the show was when Billy Connolly talks about the need for Reading Glasses once you get passed a certain age.
His son and him go fishing, and he leaves the glasses at a coffee shop along the way. They have to go back to get the glasses because he couldn't see to put the bait on the hook.

Its something I can relate to because the last few years I have needed reading glasses.
And since I need them all the time, I always put them on top of my head. Then I can't find them. I look all over the place.
And finally the last thing I do, is I pat the top of my head, and there they are.
Once I had them on top of my head, and was squinting to read something. My friend said "The glasses don't work if they are on top of your head. You have to wear them over your eyes."

The rest of the show was alot of different funny stories.
The most disgusting is when Billy Connolly tells about the three different times that women have vomited on him. He think he's made some kind of record by being vomited on three separate times by three different women.
Yes, they were gross stories. But they were also funny.

He talks alot about religion. Jokes about alot of new age stuff - Angels, Feng Shui and more. Its all "bullocks" and "shite", which actually sounds more polite than if he would have said the American equivalent of those words.
He says something along the lines of "For those of you have religion, thats fine for you - just keep it to yourself" before he goes into one of his religious comedy bits. He came off as being somewhat respectful of other peoples beliefs, while still going for the laughs.

One of his running jokes was about three Great Religious Leaders who had had spiritual visits while they were alone. #1 Moses and the Burning Bush (so funny ... Billy Connolly wonders why the Bush didn't ask for any
water, or why Moses didn't offer to put out the fire), and #2 Mormon Leader Joseph Smith and the visit by Angel Maroni and #3 one other visit which I have forgotten whom it was.
He asks the question - why wasn't there any other people there ? Why were Moses and Joseph Smith both alone at the time ?
How convenient.
He repeated the phrase "How convenient" enough times that you knew he was expressing his doubt about the reality of the event.
His reasoning being because there were no witnesses then it might not be true.
I laughed along, because it is a comedy show, its funny and entertaining, and I was having a good time.

After the show, I head out to the parking lot to my car.
I am walking behind a young, hip, well-dressed couple.
The woman is saying "You know, he's right - there were no witnesses to any of those things. He has a really good point when you think about it."
She seemed to somehow turn a Comedy show into a religious lesson and was taking it all way to seriously.
Like she had been in a college course and had learned some great scholarly truth that would influence how she viewed religion the rest of her life.

It was a Comedy show... told by a comedian ... get a grip. Put it in proper perspective.
Don't think about it. Just enjoy it, then let it go.

Thats the reason why I wrote previously that I "kinda sorta" believe you can go out to be entertained and just enjoy the event for the entertainment value, and not be to worried about the perspective that it comes from.
I guess in a perfect world you could do that.
But there are those people like the hip young couple in the parking lot, who just can't seem to distinguish between a comedy routine and a real life religious lesson.
They take the words of a very funny comedian to heart, as something to believe - when its just meant to be silly entertainment.

What I really wanted to say to her was "You have to take these things by Faith. You can't prove them.
You just have to take it on Faith that its true. And the fact that the story has been passed down all these years, and its helped people - well that has to account for something too."

Anyway, as for me, I completely enjoyed the funny evening. I was happy to volunteer so I could stand in the back and watch Billy Connolly do his two hour comedy show.
If he comes to your town, I recommend that you see it - for the laughs - and just buy your ticket way in advance, because it will sell out.


Billy Connolly Official Website
Daily News Review of Brentwood Show

Billy Connolly DVDS and movies
Billy Connolly Music and CDs
Billy Connolly Books

My favorite Billy Connolly movie (and Cinnamon the Cats too!)
Garfield - A Tale of Two Kitties

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Golden Globe Nominees Seminar

Today, at the Egyptian Theatre it was the Golden Globes Foreign Language Nominee Seminar .
Many of the Foreign Language Directors were there, including Clint Eastwood , and Guillermo del Toro.

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Oscar Roundtable & The Queen

During the afternoon, at The Egyptian Theatre , Newsweek Magazine hosted an Oscar Roundtable .

Check out the link above. Its a very interesting discussion. They are talking about their acting careers and how they got started. As an actress myself, I found this to be a very interesting conversation to listen to.

Many of the Best Actor and Best Actress nominees were
there, including Brad Pitt , , Cate Blanchett , Forest Whitaker , Helen Mirren , Penelope Cruz , and Leonardo DiCaprio .

After that, if the evening there was a screening "The Queen" and Helen Mirren did a Q&A after the movie was over.

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Friday, January 05, 2007

Friends of Eddie Coyle

Tonights movie at the Egyptian Theatre was "Friends of Eddie Coyle" from 1973.

One of the reasons I wanted to see it was that Peter Boyle was one of the actors in it.
And I loved him on "Everybody Loves Raymond ."

When I arrive in downtown Hollywood, I usually park at Hollywood & Highland . The Egyptian will validate the parking, and its only $2 for 4 hours.
And I have my certain favorite levels and places where I like to park.

I park the car, and I go to the elevators.
And who is also waiting for the elevator - Doris Roberts , who was also on "Everybody Loves Raymond"
She was with friends, and there must have been an event at the Kodak Theatre that she was going to.

We all got in the elevator together, and I thought about saying something to her about how much I loved her on "Everybody Loves Raymond".
But for the few times I have been close to a celebrity, I really don't like to say anything.
I feel like I am intruding on their private time.
So I just smiled at her as I left the elevator.

Then it dawned on me, that Peter Boyle who played her husband in "Everybody Loves Raymond" was in the movie that I was going to go see that evening.

Such an interesting coincidence.

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Brand Upon the Brain: Silent Movie w/ 18-Piece Orchestra and Alanis Morissette

Volunteered at The Egyptian Theatre .
The performance was "Brand Upon the Brain" , with the performance by Alanis Morissette .

I helped with guest check-in by the front door. Which means I had a list of people that I was checking.
It was a really fun atmosphere, and a fun event.
Most of all, I got to see Alanis Morissette in person. Even tho she wasn't singing her hit songs, it was still a big thrill to see her in person.

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

AFI Film Festival Day 12

In the morning, I both volunteered at the AFI Film Festival and saw the movies.
The first screening I had to be there for was "Hollywood Dreams" .
The director Henry Jaglom and lead actress Tanna Frederick along with Karen Black , did a really fun Q&A afterwards.
This is such a good movie, about trying to be a success in Hollywood.
It was the perfect, and completely suitable, movie to end my AFI volunteer gig with.

After that was done, and I helped take the tickets for the screening of "Bug" - I went and ate some lunch in the Arclight Cinemas Cafe.
The Arclight really got their moneys worth from me these last few weeks.
I may have seen nearly 20 FREE movies is the last two weeks - but I paid for my concessions and ate at the Arclight Restaurant more than I can count.

I had to be on my final shift at The Arclight Dome Theatre , for the screening of Curse of the Golden Flower .
It was hectic and crazy. The Dome is smaller than the Mann Chinese Theatre .
So to have the closing night Gala at the Dome - it was just crazy.

It was assigned seating in certain areas. And general seating in other areas.
And that makes for a crazy night.
Some people who had general admission, were trying to sit in assigned seats.
Also, some of the VIPs arrived late - and we had to keep people from sitting in those seats.
As ushers, we were trying to control it. And it was alot to do.

After the movie started, I watched from the side for about 10 minutes.
I looked around for a seat. There were singles scattered here and there.
But I don't like crawling over people once the movie has started.
Besides, I was exhausted, and it was time to go home.

I later found out that after the movie, there was a wonderful party on the top level of the Arclight Cinemas parking structure.
I missed it, I was home sound asleep by then.

Pictures are on
Curse of the Golden Flower Premier

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

AFI Film Festival Day 11

Over at the AFI Film Festival , I started the day out seeing "Beautiful Ohio" ., which I missed last night.
Chad Lowe was there to do a Q&A as well. So that was great.

Then I headed over to The Mann Chinese Theatre to volunteer for the Gala Presentation of "The Fountain".

I stopped off at the Green Cafe in the Hollywood & Highland center to get some dinner before.

Tonight, my job was as an usher again. And since the Chinese Theatre is so huge, tonight was one of the easier nights.

I got to sit towards the back, in the center, to watch "The Fountain".
Hugh Jackman was sitting just up the aisle from me.

You can see pictures of the Arrivals over at Wire .

I liked "The Fountain", but it is very difficult for me to watch anything that has a story line about Cancer in it.
I sit there and I compare what the movie character is going through, against what I went through with the Breast Cancer last year.
And even tho it was a great film, I was alittle depressed by the end - but it was because of the cancer story line.

Some of the other volunteers were hanging out after the movie, trying to see the stars.
And I had a ticket for another movie, so I got in my car and went back to the Archlight.

The movie I saw was "Alien Autopsy" - and it was so good !
It cheered me right up.
It is the humorous story of when two British lads where accused of having faked a documentary from the Roswell, New Mexico incident in 1947.
I really found it both interesting and entertaining.

I met up with a friend, who was there seeing other movies. We ended up having a glass of wine in the Arclight Cinemas Restaurant.
And sitting and chatting.
I told her that I am giving serious thought about volunteering at the Sundance Film Festival this year.
I am having so much fun here at AFI.

Pictures are on
The Fountain - Arrivals
The Fountain - After Party

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Friday, November 10, 2006

AFI Film Festival Day 10

Tonight, while volunteering at the AFI Film Festival , I took tickets, handed out ballots, counted the badges - all sorts of things.
We were low on volunteers again.

The theatre I was in was pretty sleepy with no real excitement going on.
All the excitement was across the hallway for the screening of "Beautiful Ohio" .
Celebrities there:
Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Rob Lowe, and Chad Lowe.

As I went to the concession stand, Rob Lowe was right in front of me.

That theatre was sold out, so there was no way I would get in.

So I went and and watched "Triad Election" .

Pictures are on
Beautiful Ohio Premier

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

AFI Film Festival Day 8

Okay, I have to tell you. Everything is turning into a big Blur.
I am working my Full-time job in an accounting office. And coming over to the AFI Film Festival to volunteer every night.
I am completely enjoying myself.
Working really hard. Seeing lots of movies, and lots of celebrities.
But I am starting to forget when and where and what.

I have ended up driving the half block from my office on most days.
It feels safer than walking back at night, on Sunset Blvd.

Tonight, I actually drove the half block. And when I got to the Arclight Cinemas , there was no parking.
The structure was completely full.
so I had to turn around and drive the half block back to my office.
And leave the car there. Where it was to begin with. Then walk over.

All of the traffic along Sunset, along with the completely full parking structure,
It made me nearly an hour late for my volunteer shift.

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

AFI Film Festival Day 1 - Gala at The Manns Chinese Theatre

The opening night Gala for the AFI Film Festival .
It was the Premier of "Bobby" at the Mann Chinese Theatre .

The volunteers were told to wear all black. And I ended up doing Guest Check-in right on Hollywood Blvd all night.
So I am glad I wore a jacket. It got chilly.

I mainly dealt with the Celebrity's "people". The red carpet was far off to my right. And if I peaked over everyone else, I could see
William H Macy or Freddy Rodriquez giving their interviews on the red carpet.

I had the letters R and S at the check-in table .... so I got to handle Freddy Rodriquez' and Sharon Stones' tickets to be given to their "people".

After all the guests were checked in. I was given a ticket to The Mann 6 Theatres , which was serving as the Overflow Theatre, and was told I could watch the movie over there.

I went into the Mann Chinese and and stood in the back and listened to the speeches.
I heard the Mayor of Los Angeles, mayor Antonio Villaraigosa speak.
And then Harvey Weinsten. And then Emilo Estevez, the director.

In the Chinese Theatre, Emilio Estevez had all the Cast Members come up on the stage.
It was a long line of actors, going across the front of the theatre. Everyone from the cast seemed to be there.

After he was done speaking, I ran over to the Mann 6 Theatres.
I was just in front of Emilo, who was on his way over. But I had to stop at the ladies room, and the concession stand.
I got into the theatre, just as Emilo was finishing his second speech. This time, he did not have any cast members with him.
I thought it was really classy of Emilio Estevez to go give a speech to the overflow theatre as well.

I had a wonderful seat to watch "Bobby" in the overflow theatre at the Mann 6.
I could have squeezed into a seat in the Mann Chinese, but I would have had to crawl over people and be squished against the wall. So I was happy that AFI gave the volunteers tickets to go watch it in the overflow theatre.

I loved the movie "Bobby". Its definitely one my favorites this year. I especially loved the performances of Demi Moore and Helen Hunt.

After the movie was over, I ran back to the Mann's Chinese Theatre, and I hung out in the lobby.
Harvey Weinstein was chatting with people. I briefly thought of going up to say something to him - but I didn't have any idea of what to say.

Also in the lobby, milling about :
Fay Dunaway , Laurence Fishburne , Harry Belafonte .I stood next to Lawrence Fishburn for the longest time. I need to figure out what to say to these people when I run into them!
Movie Stars can be intimidating, so its fun for me to just stand by them and watch.

One of the volunteers said to me "Did you see Heather Graham ?"
I said No.
They said "You were walking up the red carpet right in front of her before the movie started !"
I had no idea, I was just rushing to hear the speakers.

After it was all over, I thought about trying to crash the party over at the Hollywood Roosevelt.
But I was to tired.

I went to the underground parking, and drove up the Garage Cashier.
Even with the Validation that AFI gave to us - my parking was going to cost me $10.
I had been there a really long time.

I dug around in my purse. I could only find $6.
I said to the Cashier "I only have $6 - does that mean I have to go back up to the ATM ?"

The Cashier looked at me "No, you look to tired. I don't want you parking again, and go all the way up to the ATM.
You need to go home and go to bed."

And he let me short pay for my parking with only the $6.

Pictures are here on :

Bobby Arrivals
Bobby Gala

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