Donna Grayson
Poetry and Lyrics

1974 to 1975
Sophmore Year - High School



Sophmore Year 1974/75

My Freshman Year
My Underclassman Years
Happy New Year
The Silent Fight
A Walk By Your House
Merry Christmas to You
Strong Feeling
A Friend
To A Friend
Library Friends
Crazy Crush
He's Adorable
Its A Long Way
I Used to Love
I Got Involved
The Last School Dance
And I Love You
Even If There Was
An Untitled Lullaby
Future Homecoming Queen
Sweet 16 Birthday Blues
Its A Drag
Don't Fall In Love With Me
A Million Lives
Cheerleaders Song
Get Along
Short Haired Weirdos
The Fire
Always Meant to Be an Underclassman
Do We Know What We're Doing
Short People
But I've Always Done It This Way
One or Another
Laurie Lee
I Called It Now
Don't Let Them Scare You
We Can Trust Our Course
Dianes Death
A New Year, A New Me
The Winds Surprises
I Have a Heart
Fat Population
It Isn't By Size
This Songs About Ellen
When I Grow Up
I Don't Want To Be Popular
My Man
Behind Every Man
I'm Leaving
Best Friend
Writing Songs
High School Saga
Peroxide Angel Hair
Freedom At Midnight
Debi On A Rainbow
The Gatehouse
High School Burning
Teenage Sensation
American Made
Please Ask My Sister
Something Happened
The Story
One Million Years & One Day
Last Day of Summer

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