Donna Grayson
Poetry and Lyrics

1975 to 1976
Junior Year - High School



Junior Year 1975/76

Terry Don't
It Never Touched Me
Worn Out Blue Jeans
Listen to Me
Days At Old Chicago
Inside of Me
The Executioner
Heartbreak Past
My Locker
They Who Shaped My Destiny
Heaven Can Wait
The Best of Anybody
Come Listen to Him
If He Ever Was Here
I'm Getting Dizzy
Daydream Real
Time to Be Myself
My Blue Jeans
Lived A Life of Letdown
Beginners Luck
Round One
Catching Up
Downhill Days
Two of Us
Without Feathers
New Country
Fully Empowered
Deep Goodbye
Shadow of Doubt
I Like You Alot
Give It What It Takes
The Last Today
Albert Street Witchcraft
I Am Me, You Are You
Miss Paranoia
Be The Dream
Candles in Windows
One More Song
Dead in the Water
Dead in the Air
Empty Horses
Move Your Body
Stars In My Crown
For Barry
Its So Simple
I'm Running Standing
Junior Am I
Quiet Girl
Longest Hall
Back To School
Freshly Scrubbed Faces
Science Class
Math Class
Stuck Up People
Ask Me To
My Best Friend
First Day
Let Me Fall
Daydream Reality
Weirdos and Poetry
Once Upon A Time
As I Walk In
Shopping Mall
Drama Kids

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