Donna Grayson
Poetry and Lyrics

1976 to 1977
Senior Year - High School



Washing Machine

The full cycle of life
has been replaced
by the mini - cycle
to hurry everything up
the soak cycle
to do nothing but sit there
a multi - cycle
but thats to much

The wash temperature dial
is put on warm
never to hot or to cold
never take to much
never give to much

The rinse tempertature
is cold
People are cold
Turn away

Agitation dial
is gentle
We don't want to make waves

So many people get stuck in Spin
fast, round and round
And they complain
their life is extra full
on its way to an unbalanced load

They want a small soak cycle
Normal, cool
A little love
just look the other way

Durable press is no longer durable
It stopped with the full cycle

Now they tell me
we are out of washing powder
no more softener
And all the washing machines
are broken down

Copyright Donna Grayson

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