(copyright 1999 D.Grayson & D.Orias)
Lyrics reprinted by permission

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How can I call you brother,
then cus you out on the freeway
How can the Earth be mother,
if I backstab you if you're in my way
How can we call God our Father,
If I don't listen to what you say
But I must be your sister
If we are to live, there is no other way

why don't we treat eachother respectfully ?
Its a word
Thats not used much anymore

How can I earn your respect,
when I won't learn your name
How can you trust me,
when I do things that make me ashamed
How can we not be angry,
when we won't show our love
If we are to live together,
we must go within, and seek from above

why don't we treat eachother respectfully ?
Its a word
Thats not used much any

More's the pity
The small things get away
Tiny trespasses,
that grow larger each and every day

How can I complain,
when I don't strive for change
How can I say a prayer,
after speaking God's name in vain
How can we seek answers,
when we never take time to pray
If we want God's good grace
we can't turn our heads,
and look the other way

lead vocals: Donna Grayson
guitar, bass & backup vocals: Josh Toering
guitar & guitar synthesizer: Dana Marcus
engineer: Bob Knezevich, Pacific Sound

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