April 17, 2015

Barry Manilow at Staples Center

Donna at Staples Center with friends

Donna at Staples Center with friends

I had a wonderful time seeing, for the first time, Barry Manilow perform live at The Staples Center .
My friends and I got great tickets via the Groupon Website.
We got a nice discount on our tickets, and were very happy with our seats.

Barry Manilow gave a wonderful performance. He sang all his famous hits – even a melody of some. Full versions of his most famous “Mandy”, “Could It Be Magic” and “Copa Cabana”. His stage show was really fun, and we had a great time.

We arrived at LA Live , about 2 hours before the show and the restaurants were already packed to capacity. There was an hour wait at most. So we walked across Figueroa Street to the Lux Hotel, and ate at the The Nixon Bar and Lounge.

Donna at Nixon Bar near Staples Center

Donna at Nixon Bar near Staples Center

There were plenty of tables and fast service. I had a Shrimp Fettuccini which was really good. This is the third time I have been to the Nixon Bar, and they always have great food. So if you are seeing a show at the Staples Center, I recommend walking across the street to The Nixon Bar and Lounge.

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October 5, 2010

Hollywood Lady Canvas Bags

Hollywood Lady canvas bags. Red handle, more styles and sizes are available. Makes a great gift for a movie lover or film buff.

hollywood lady bag
hollywood lady by DonnaGrayson
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September 29, 2010

Beautiful Rainbow on Ventura Blvd

A beautiful heavenly rainbow stretched across Ventura Blvd in Studio City this evening. It seemed to start at the Hollywood Bowl, and head all the way over towards Burbank. Absolutely gorgeous !

Check out my Nature Set on Flickr, just click here : Nature Set on Flicker

Rainbow on Ventura Blvd

August 26, 2010

Taste on Melrose

First, I was in a good mood because I found free parking on Melrose – then a wonderful Prix Fixe menu at Taste – and $5 glasses of house wine. Is this heaven ?

Taste is a very cute, cozy restaurant – and I thought I saw a few celebs, or wanna-be celebs. One of my friends swears there was a TV star sitting behing me.

Anyway- the Prix Fixe menu…. yummy…. Macaroni and Cheese ! with truffle oil and mushrooms – loved it.
Then a main course of crispy Chicken with mashed potatoes and Arugula – so many layers and different flavors.

For my last course I wanted the creme brulee, but they were out of it – so I got chocolate bread pudding. Yummy, yummy !

Our $5 glasses of house wines were served from cute little individual carafes. Very nice. Liked the simple presentation.

Nice waiter, nice staff – wonderful food…. I want to go back soon!

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Taste on Melrose Restaurant

August 25, 2010

RH Restaurant on Sunset Blvd

A very confusing meal, and I was over this place before my meal had arrived. One person on my group had the Bloomspot deal. What was really confusing was the rest of us could not even purchase the Prix Fixe meal at full price – it doesn’t exist unless you have a Bloomspot deal. Ok, whatever – I got a hamburger.

I have to say that I loved their Sangria. Lots of fruit like blueberries in alcohol. I was picking out the fruit from the bottom of my drink glass. Totally yummy. This is the one good thing about RH – they make good drinks. Though I will say the waitress brought one person in our group a drink that no one had ordered, or even mentioned – but she took it back and brought the right drink once we told her.

Once we moved from the bar to a table, it seemed like total confusion. Ok, I couldn’t order a Prix Fixe meal even at full price, we figured that out eventurally. The hamburger and fries were well …… a hamburger and fries. No big thing there. Oh, yeah – “triple fried french fries”, still french fries – not as crunchy as I expected. And I basically ordered a hamburger and fries because I just didn’t want to deal with the menu any longer after I realized I couldn’t get the Prix Fixe meal.

And the wait staff was so confused… or speaking different languages or something. It took them a while to get whatever they were telling us straight….

The one thing I thought was weird – its a hip and happening restaurant with really modern decor. When I order a glass of one of the lesser priced red wines, the waitress serves the wine like we were in some fancy place, presenting the bottle and letting me sip the taste of wine before she pours an entire glass. I have had meals at fancier places and they didn’t do that. It just showed me that RH is just trying to be something it is not.

If you are in West Hollywood and looking for yummy cocktails, then stop by RH. Get the sangria. Thats all I recommend.

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RH Restaurant Hyatt Hotels

August 24, 2010

Listening to the Beatles Tribute Band

Listening to the Beatles Tribute band, Ticket to Ride, at Concerts on the Green, Warner Center, Sherman Oaks, California

Concerts in the Park

Beatles Tribute Band

Beatles Tribute Band

Lots of doggies at my feet while I listened to the music!

Cute Dogs at Concert in the Park

August 22, 2010

Listening to Latin Jazz at LACMA

Listening to the Latin Jazz at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s Saturday evening concert
Latin Jazz Concert LACMA

LACMA Los Angeles

Los Angeles County Museum of Art on Wilshire Blvd
LACMA Los Angeles

Latin Jazz Concert at LACMA

Latin Jazz concert at Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Latin Jazz Concert LACMA

August 21, 2010

Porterhouse Bistro Beverly Hills

Dining at Porterhouse Bistro in Beverly Hills was a wonderful experience. It has moved into my personal list of all time favorite restaurants. I plan to go back soon.

First, we did have the Groupon coupon, which was an amazing deal. No problems with them taking it.. The staff was very friendly and professional. There is a cute little bar to the left as you walk in, which is where we all waited for our table. A very friendly bartender.

I got the Prix Fixe dinner. And amaziing deal. And so delicious. Everything was perfect. First, the bread with delicious toppings. I got the soup of the day and flat iron steak with mushrooms. And strawberry shortcake for dessert. A glass of wine and coffee were included.

Since it was Sunday evening, there was free street parking.
That all made for a perfect evening.

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