August 15, 2015

Art and Gift Collections

Zazzle has started a new feature for its designers called “Collections”. I can now group similar designs together, so that it is easier to view from one link. I really like this feature because it makes it easier to share on the blog, on twitter, and in other places. Especially since many of my shops on Zazzle are topic specific – I have one for home decor, one for fashion, one for electronics, one for invitations, etc… Now I can share similar items from many shops all under one link.

Check out these links for some of my designs, just click below:

Orange Black Halloween Designs on clothing invitations postage bags letterhead and more Donna’s Halloween Designs – click here

Over 80 Unique Pattern Pillow Designs for your home decor Unique Pillow Designs – click here

Over 170 Bright Colorful Pillow Designs for your home decor Colorful Pillow Designs – click Here

Yellow Crisscross pattern on over 80 gift items fashion electronics home decor more Yellow Crisscross Design – click here

Bright Pink yellow design on Over 50 items gifts electronics, home decor, fashion, and more
Bright Pink Yellow Design – Click Here

Colorful Turquoise Blue design on Over 70 gifts electronics, home decor, fashion and more
Turquoise Blue Abstract Design – click here

I will be adding more collections soon.

September 30, 2010

Happy Halloween orange stationery

Happy Halloween orange stationery.

Happy Halloween photocards

Add your own photo and message to these Happy Halloween photocards.

September 29, 2010

Happy Halloween photocards

Happy Halloween striped photocards. Add your own photo and message.

Halloween Raglan Tshirts

Black and white Happy Halloween Raglan Tshirts. More styles, sizes and colors are available.

September 28, 2010

Happy Halloween Photocards

Add your own photo to these Happy Halloween photocards.  Fun way to send your Halloween wishes.

Happy Halloween womens black tshirts

Happy Halloween womens black tshirts. Available in mens too. More style and color options too.

September 27, 2010

Happy Halloween Coffee Mugs

Orange and black Happy Halloween coffee mugs. A fun gift for Halloween !

Happy Halloween childrens shirts

Simple Happy Halloween design childrens tshirts. Also available in mens and womens sizes, and more color and style options.

September 26, 2010

Halloween Party invitation postcards

Halloweeen party invitation postcards in orange and black. Fun design for your halloween invitations.