August 16, 2015

Summer Flip Flop Sandals

Its still summer. I refuse to believe fall is around the corner. I am still in the mood for warm weather.
Check out my colorful fun Flip Flops designs on Zazzle :

Summer Colorful Flip Flops Sandals on Zazzle

Here are a few of my designs, but theres lots more patterns, colors and styles on the link above.



Bright Pink Yellow Design Flip Flops
Bright Pink Yellow Design Flip Flops by BrightVibesFashion
View other Design Pairs of Flip Flops at
August 15, 2015

Art and Gift Collections

Zazzle has started a new feature for its designers called “Collections”. I can now group similar designs together, so that it is easier to view from one link. I really like this feature because it makes it easier to share on the blog, on twitter, and in other places. Especially since many of my shops on Zazzle are topic specific – I have one for home decor, one for fashion, one for electronics, one for invitations, etc… Now I can share similar items from many shops all under one link.

Check out these links for some of my designs, just click below:

Orange Black Halloween Designs on clothing invitations postage bags letterhead and more Donna’s Halloween Designs – click here

Over 80 Unique Pattern Pillow Designs for your home decor Unique Pillow Designs – click here

Over 170 Bright Colorful Pillow Designs for your home decor Colorful Pillow Designs – click Here

Yellow Crisscross pattern on over 80 gift items fashion electronics home decor more Yellow Crisscross Design – click here

Bright Pink yellow design on Over 50 items gifts electronics, home decor, fashion, and more
Bright Pink Yellow Design – Click Here

Colorful Turquoise Blue design on Over 70 gifts electronics, home decor, fashion and more
Turquoise Blue Abstract Design – click here

I will be adding more collections soon.

August 14, 2015

Attitudes Over Oatmeal

After a long day at the office, I stopped by my local health food store. The place is very packed in, lots of people and it is hard to navigate through the funky aisles overstocked with the latest health food fad.

As I stroll up to the breakfast cereal aisle, I see a woman standing on the far side of the aisle appearing not to be doing much. I just glance at her and I figure she must be on her cell phone but to be frank I don’t really notice.
So I go right up to the oatmeal, and I start to read the labels, trying to see what is on sale.
And with my reading glasses on, I need to get as close to the packages as I can.
Yes, I know its only oatmeal – but I haven’t really decided what I want. And these are all smaller, less familiar organic brands.

All of a sudden behind me I hear the woman in a very angry tone “Well, excuse me !”
And I jolt and spin around to see her.
And she appears to be seething in anger at the fact that I blocked her view of the oatmeal.
I say “Oh, I’m sorry – I didn’t realize you were looking over here.”
“Yes, I was looking over there !” she snaps.
And I just mutter “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” and I move out of the way.

A vision flashes through my mind of me ending my evening by getting beaten up in the cereal aisle of the health food store. I just stand by the side of the cereal, away from the lady, somewhat freaked out.
At first I feel really stupid and inconsiderate that I walked right in front of the woman. Of course, thats something I would never do.
And then I am telling myself “What kind of person reads the cereal boxes from all the way across the other side of the aisle?”
For the rest of my grocery shopping, I look for the lady at every turn to make sure I don’t cross her path again.

On the way home, I start to get philosophical about the whole thing. Here were live in a country where we have Abundance and Wealth. We have our choice of 20 different types of oatmeal in a fancy health food grocery store. Yet, its still impossible for people to not get on eachothers nerves. Bumping into eachother, blocking eachothers
way, snapping at eachother over the smallest most innocent misunderstanding.
Why can’t we just let it go, or approach it with humor – or even turn the situation into a chance to chat with a new person. Welcome the opportunity to bump into a new person.
We have all that we need, we are surrounded by it – yet having abundance doesn’t automatically make us better people. We still have to work at it and be aware of our actions.

Of course now that the situation is over, I had a little bit of a more realistic view on my drive home.
I had a hard day at work and was tired. So I wasn’t watching where I was going, and I accidentally stood in front of her.
This lady probably had a hard day at work as well, and was tired also, and so she snipped at me.

And then there is a humorous view of the situation too.
There I was, wearing my reading glasses so I can see the labels – and I have to get as close to the boxes as I can to read them.
She was standing on the other side of the aisle looking at the boxes across the aisle- she probably needs reading glasses, and can only see the labels from far away.
Its too bad we didn’t both calm down, and take a moment to joke about this possibility. Two people both trying to figure out the Oatmeal boxes, with similar yet opposite eye problems.
In this situation, I am really amazed how both of us are very similar.

So since the lady left the store before I did, all I could think to do was ask God to bless her and take care of her. Sending a person blessings will have an amazing effect on them and their life. When you bump into a person, and the situation does not have the best outcome, all you can do it to ask God to bless them.

Books on Amazon

Oatmeal Cookbooks
Attitude Is Everything: Change Your Attitude… Change Your Life!
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I Love Oatmeal T Shirts
I Love Oatmeal T Shirts by definingyou
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Too Cute Crab Basic Round Button Keychain
Too Cute Crab Basic Round Button Keychain by pinkinkart
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April 27, 2015

Colorful pattern Fabric for Sewing Crafts

I have started my own line of Colorful Artistic and Groovy Pattern Fabrics.. These are totally unique and are my own original designs. You can purchase these to sew your own clothing, home decor or use in your craft projects. All are available online at Bright Vibes Home Colorful Unique Fabrics on

Even with all the modern technology that surrounds us, it is nice to see that some people still sew their own clothes, or have hobbies making artsy crafts. Sewing and crafting can be an excellent money saver. It is so much cheaper to make your own clothes. The same with crafting making your own home decor for around your house. Or making your own unique and original gifts to give to friends and family.
Having hobbies like these can also relax you, lower stress, and calm you. Its fun to be artistic and creative. People love to receive a unique original gift that you made with your own two hands.

At this writing I have 60 unique and colorful designs available. But by the time you read this, I will even have more, probably over 100 — and I will always be adding more on a weekly basis.
There 7 fabric types available. Available as swatches, fat quarters, or by the yard.
Fabric widths vary by fabric type. Fabrics by the yard print on 10 continuous yards.
Committed to providing high quality and safe products, all Zazzle fabrics are Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) compliant.
Eco-friendly: Printed with water-based Inks and contains no added chemicals or toxins. Fabrics are not suitable for children’s sleepwear or crib use. Amount of selvage on each piece of fabric will vary.
And the fabrics are Printed in the USA !

To view all of my Unique Colorful Fabrics, just click here: Bright Vibes Home Colorful Unique Fabrics – Click Here

I hope you enjoy using my fabrics for your arts and crafts, sewing and do it yourself projects !

Groovy Orange Yellow Fabric

Groovy Orange Yellow Fabric

Modern Green Fabric

Modern Green Fabric

Pretty Purple Pink Fabric

Pretty Purple Pink Fabric

Elegant Purple Diamond Fabric

Elegant Purple Diamond Fabric

April 20, 2015

Purple Vegetables for Roasting

Vegetables to be chopped, and my smoothie

Vegetables to be chopped, and my smoothie

I started the day with a Kiwi, Pineapple, Banana and Kale Smoothie, made with a scoop of vanilla yogurt, unsweetened rice milk, and Inner Eco Probiotic in coconut water. I like Kiwi because they are high on potassium. And Pineapple has Bromelain which fights off inflammation. Adding a Probiotic is always a good idea, because most of your immune system is in your digestive tract.

Vegetables for roasting. Purple Cauliflower, potatoes, asparagus

Vegetables for roasting. Purple Cauliflower, potatoes, asparagus

As I drank my shake, I was chopping healthy veggies to roast. When I went to Whole Foods , I got a Purple Cauliflower which is higher in beta carotene and vitamin A, and it also contains the antioxidant anthocyanin, which is also found in red cabbage and red wine.
I also bought a bag of mixed small potatoes, white, red and purple potatoes. The purple potatoes also have anthocyanin. Add to that some asparagus, celery and onion.
So it is a nutrient vegetable mix.

I had a Zhoug spice mix that I had bought at Trader Joes in my kitchen cabinet. With some olive oil, I mixed it all together and put it in the oven.

I’ll have the veggies over the next few days. For lunch, I just mixed the veggies with some chopped chicken. But I also have some left over rice and beans from a local Mexican restaurant, and I was think of even mixing them together with the roasted veggies for another meal.

Thats a good idea if you bring left overs home from a restaurant. Have some roasted veggies in the fridge – and you can easily mix the veggies and leftovers together to make another meal.

Click here for Zhoug Spices on Amazon

Click here for Cauliflower on Amazon Cookbooks, Seeds, and more

Click here for Potato Recipes and Cookbooks

Click here for Probiotic Supplements

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April 19, 2015

Panic Attack I Got Stuck in an Elevator

ElevatorOne of those days where you say to yourself “I had no idea this was going to be such a bad day!”
I had just come back after a few days of vacation. I had a nice walk to the Sushi place down the street to pick up my lunch of a Sushi Combo.
I arrive back, thinking of all the things I had to get done, and I get in the elevator. I press the button to go up, and the elevator starts going up.
Then around the 4th floor, it decided it didn’t want to go up any more. So it went back down.
But it didn’t like the 3rd floor either – so it went back up to the 4th floor. No, it didn’t want to stop at 3, so it went back up to 4.
I bounced up and down between the 3rd and 4th floors like this for a long time. 5 minutes. I was pressing the buttons, pressing the alarm – which was a dinky little “ding ding”.
I was all alone, trying to get the elevator to stop bouncing between floors.
And I realized I didn’t even have my cell phone with me to dial 911.

Finally, the elevator decided to let me out at the 4th floor. I ran out and was clinging to the walls. Some people were there, and I said “Don’t get in the elevator.” I was dizzy, and feeling faint, and holding on to the wall.
The people said “Lets take the stairs.” And they left me there – at no time asking if I was ok. And how stupid of me not to ask them to call 911 – I wasn’t thinking, just clinging to the wall.

I stood there for a few minutes, and realized I was in no condition to take the stairs. I was so dizzy. I pressed the elevator button. The other elevator opened, and there were people in there that I knew. But they thought they were on our floor. I grab them and said “No, no – I’ve been stuck in the elevator! I thought it was going to fall!”

When we got to my floor, I finally sat down. Everyone said my face was as white as a ghost. I ate my lunch, but I was still shaking.
After about an hour, I decided I wanted to go to After Hours Urgent Care and see a doctor. I was worried I could have had a heart attack or a stroke from such a frightening experience.

The doctor at Urgent Care said my heart rate was normal. He said my blood pressure was “not great, but not horrible” – which is pretty normal for me. Thank heavens I take two mild blood pressure medications, very low dosages of Lasix in the morning, and Metoprolol at night. I think they really kept me from having a heart attack.
I didn’t feeling like my heart was racing, just shaking and dizzy.

The doctor took an EKG just to be on the safe side. He said that the EKG was totally normal. So just go home this evening and try to get some extra rest, since I had had such a bad experience. Try to go home and relax.

One thing I learned is to always have my cell phone with me. The elevator emergency alarm was pretty dinky and more like a chime. I wish I had the phone to dial 911. I will always have my phone with me from now on.

And I am glad I decided to go to the doctor. After having a terrifying experience, it is good to get checked out just in case. Especially if you are on medications, or have health problems. It is best to be safe and not take a chance. If you think you should get checked by a doctor, just go. You want to be sure you didn’t suffer a mild heart attack during your ordeal.

I have taken elevators since them. I am not panicking when I get on them, so that is good too.

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Image Credit of Elevator, public domain, MorgueFile

April 18, 2015

Artichoke Smoothie Recipe

Artichoke Smoothie

Artichoke Smoothie

You can find Frozen Artichoke Hearts in the freezer section of many grocery stores. They make a great addition to your morning smoothie. Since the flavor of artichoke hearts is so mild, you can barely tell they are there.

Artichokes are good for your liver function, they help lower cholesterol levels, and stabilize blood sugar levels.

Here is a recipe I just made tonight:

Artichoke Smoothie Recipe

4 frozen artichoke pieces

1 large Kale Leaf, torn in pieces

4 frozen pineapple chunks

1/3 banana

half a scoop of (vanilla or plain) whey protein powder

coconut water and almond milk, add enough to get desired consistency

Blend together in a blender until done.

I have also been reading a lot about adding avocado to your smoothies, but I have not tried that yet.

Here are some websites about Artichoke Hearts:
Artichoke Kitchen Items

Canned Artichoke Hearts on Amazon

Artichoke Advisory Board

Artichoke Nutrition

Photo credit:Morgue File

April 17, 2015

Barry Manilow at Staples Center

Donna at Staples Center with friends

Donna at Staples Center with friends

I had a wonderful time seeing, for the first time, Barry Manilow perform live at The Staples Center .
My friends and I got great tickets via the Groupon Website.
We got a nice discount on our tickets, and were very happy with our seats.

Barry Manilow gave a wonderful performance. He sang all his famous hits – even a melody of some. Full versions of his most famous “Mandy”, “Could It Be Magic” and “Copa Cabana”. His stage show was really fun, and we had a great time.

We arrived at LA Live , about 2 hours before the show and the restaurants were already packed to capacity. There was an hour wait at most. So we walked across Figueroa Street to the Lux Hotel, and ate at the The Nixon Bar and Lounge.

Donna at Nixon Bar near Staples Center

Donna at Nixon Bar near Staples Center

There were plenty of tables and fast service. I had a Shrimp Fettuccini which was really good. This is the third time I have been to the Nixon Bar, and they always have great food. So if you are seeing a show at the Staples Center, I recommend walking across the street to The Nixon Bar and Lounge.

Barry Manilow Music on

April 16, 2015

Wine and Jealousy

Trailhead sauvignon blanc

Trailhead sauvignon blanc

So I was having a lazy evening surfing around Facebook, and drinking a new wine I just picked up on sale at Bev Mo, when I run across this :

Saveur Magazine Blog Awards Semi-Finalists for the Saveur Blog Awards 2105.
I start to click away, looking at several different blogs – and all of a sudden I am realize the feeling I am feeling is – Jealousy.
Oh, these blogs are so perfect – why can’t I have a blog like this – my blog is so dinky and plain – and these blogs or so pretty ! Look at the amazing photography ! Look how well written they are ! Some are even funny ! Oh, its not fair ! I want to be like them !

Yes, the Green Eyed Monster had taken over while I drank my Vibrant and Crisp Trailhead Sauvignon Blanc. Yes, the frisky citrus, lime rind and core fruit flavors are breaking through my bought with jealousy over these amazing blogs.

At least now I don’t feel guilty posting about the wines, beer, cocktails and food that I drink. Look at how many other people are doing it. I don’t need to feel guilty about coming across as a Lush !
Oh ! So much Jealousy ! So much Guilt ! Ok, time for another glass of wine, and then I’ll relax and forget all about it.

Here are some of the favorite blogs that I discovered:
Wine All The Time

The Drink Blog

Whats Cooking Good Looking

Dont Drink Beer

Wine on Wine on

Wine Books on AmazonWine Books on Amazon

Wine Labels on Zazzle Wine Labels on Zazzle

Wine Charms on Zazzle Wine Charms on Zazzle


April 15, 2015

Update on Zazzle Designs

Yellow abstract iphone case

Yellow abstract iphone case

Wanted to let you know what I have been going with my Zazzle art and gifts lately. The last few months, Zazzle has added many different items. And I decided to take some time and added some of the previous designs that I already had made, to the new products.

I am mainly really excited about the Iphone 6 cases. In my Bright Vibes Electric shop, there are several styles to choose from. And since everyone always rushes out to buy the latest Apple iphone when it comes out, these all make fantastic gifts.

Click here to view The Zazzle Iphone 6 cases with my unique and original abstract art and patterns.
Click here to view The Zazzle Iphone 6 PLUS cases with all my colorful art designs.

For those of you who are Samsung Galaxy S5 fans, there is plenty of a selection of cases for you:
Samsung Galazy S5

And I offer a huge selection of Ipad, Ipad Mini and Ipad Air cases too !
Ipad, Ipad Mini and Ipad Air Cases

pretty pink iphone 6 case

pretty pink iphone 6 case

For Home Decor and Home Design, in my Bright Vibes Home shop, there are some really colorful Poufs for your home decorating. I love the bold and bright designs.
Home Decor Poufs

For the animal lovers and pet people, there are now Zazzle Doggy Beds.
Who knows, maybe the cat will like them too !

And Zazzle has added more and more type of pillows. In addition to the square, there are now Round pillow, Lumbar pillows, Body Pillows and Accent Pillows

In my Bright Vibes Fashion store, I am digging Colorful Compact Mirrors
And I even made some Very Colorful Fashion Belts.

So there are always new and fun gifts, electronics, accessories, and home decor that I can keep adding my colorful unique artwork and patterns too.
I hope you get a chance to take a look around at my new gift items.